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Here we recognize all of our nominees for the 2007 Management Council Awards program and provide a brief description for the award recipients.



Theresa Bucci – Risk Analyst CEO
Chris Hackleman – Facility Manager GSA
Melissa Livingston – HSA Deputy Director
Dan McClure – Manager ITS
Steve Morgan – Chief Deputy Director GSA
Letitia Rodriguez – Outpatient Orthopedic Surgery Clinic Manager
Philip Schmit – Clerk Recorder
Mary Walker – MA III, EAP
Daryl Woodward – Personnel Services Manager HSA

Award Recipient:

Steve Morgan - By seeking out customers’ perspectives, Steve has earned a stellar reputation in providing document storage, security, landscaping, janitorial and other services to our County agencies and departments. Steve has a rare combination of intelligence, technical competence, innovative thinking, and a genuine concern for others.

Customer Service Award Winner
 Steve Morgan and Jeff Burgh



Valerie Barraza – Financial Analyst III Auditor-Controller
Deborah Frahm – Assistant Director Child Support Services
Dennis Horne – Deputy Director Engineering Services PWA
Mark Varela - Division Manager Probation
Steve Wantz - Fiscal/Admin Manager IV CEO

Award Recipient:

Steve Wantz - Steve is a mentor and role model with positive values and good ethics, who is much respected by his staff. His good-natured spirit, infectious sense of humor, sharp wit, and encouraging attitude contribute to his exceptional leadership.

Mentoring Award Winner
 Steve Wantz and Dennis Scarmado



Garrett Anestos – Manager Systems & Desktop Support ITS
Greg Bergman – Fiscal Manager IV GSA
Geoff Dean – Chief Deputy Sheriff’s Department
Ben Emami – Engineering Manager PWA
Lauri Flack – Deputy Director BESD HSA
Linda Gertson – Behavioral Health Manager HCA
Keith Gurrola – Battalion Chief
Sue Hughes – Legislative Analyst CEO
Reddy Pakala – Deputy Director Water & Sanitation PWA
Kim Rodriguez – Planning Director
Tom Underwood – Facilities Manager HCA

Award Recipient:

Tom Underwood - Tom explores all options and comes up with usable alternatives, which helps to enhance HCA’s decision-making process. Tom uses his knowledge and creativity to find innovative solutions to complex problems and to save precious dollars at the same time. In one instance Tom was able to save over a half million dollars in the renovation of one of HCA’s clinics!

2007 Innovation Award Winner
 Tom Underwood and Matt Carroll



Carlotta Barnes – Medical Records Manager SPH HCA
Rosa Ceniceros – Purchasing Services Manager GSA
Rosalind Harris – Facility Manager GSA
Mike Winton – Deputy Assessor Assessor’s Office

Award Recipient:

Rosa Ceniceros- Rosa may be the County’s best kept secret. Under her management, Ventura County is one of only several counties to have won eight consecutive National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Achievement of Excellence Awards. Rosa is a dedicated employee whose contribution to County operations is essential in maintaining the public trust.



Elese Childs – Management Assistant IV Tax Collector
Tony Dominguez – Manager Loss Prevention & HMAP CEO
Debbie Lopez – Administrative Assistant Sheriff
Huiling Tanouye – Deputy Assessor Assessor’s Office

Award Recipient:

Debbie Lopez - Debbie exemplifies politeness, humility, and professionalism in her dealings with all those who contact the Sheriff. She is respectful and honest with everyone she deals with regardless of title or position. Debbie has been a long term asset in the Sheriff’s Department.

2007 Integrity Award Winner
  Debbie Lopez and Geoff Dean


Roberta Rodriguez, Chief Deputy Clerk of the Board  - The recipient of the 2007 Good Government Award was Roberta Rodriguez.  Roberta has, in addition to other things, worked diligently in the automation of the functions and services provided through her office thus saving public resources and enhancing access to public records.

2007 Good Government Award Winner
 Roberta Rodriguez and Johnny Johnston


John F. Johnston - This year, the Ventura County Management Council recognized our CEO, Johnny Johnston, as he attended his last holiday party in that position.  The Council honored him with a handsome award in recognition of his support of our organization as our mentor, champion and exemplary leader.

2007 Red Jacket Award Winner
 Roberta Rodriguez, Christy Madden and Johnny Johnston